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This is Baboo, one of 140+ survivors of the Taylorsville hoarding house in 2018. Like the other little critters, Baboo was covered in lice and his skin was a scabby, raw mess! A senior dog, he was holding on to one last rotten tooth. Baboo was afraid and doing his very best to appear like a tough guy at only 3½ pounds. UAAF got him to the vet for a dental, medication and a skin regimen. After four months in tender loving foster care, he went on to complete this loving family!

Sweet, tiny Oscar and Bellamina were surrendered in their senior years to make room for a new baby. UAAF scooped them up and found them a happy home as his and hers companions!

Sasha came to us a skinny, matted mess. She was scooped up by a cat foster home and spotted on a Zoom call in her foster mom's lap! Her coworker took one look at her sweet face and knew she was the cat for her.

Dexter's matted condition and painful medical needs were the result of a neglectful breeder who made thousands of dollars on his puppies and dumped him at the vet rather than pay for his care. UAAF spent close to $5k saving his life, and found him a wonderful home.

Archer was brought to the shelter with severe damage to his eye. Surgery to remove it was successful and Archer is a happy, healthy cat who doesn't know he's different. living in a happy home!

Jelly was one of our Mother's Day surprise puppies! She and her littermates were a surprise after their mom arrived from a hoarding situation. All 6 pups were fostered with their mom and found happy homes!

When Fizz's owner passed away, he was left alone in his deserted backyard. Homeless people living nearby took it upon themselves to keep him fed and find help. UAAF took him in, provided much needed grooming and medical care and sent him to his happy home.

Julia was in horrible shape when she was surrendered at the veterinarian. She was pregnant with stillborn puppies and had a massive mammary infection. A volunteer who works at the veterinarian knew that UAAF could change the course of her life. A lot of medical care and TLC went in to her recovery, and she found a lovely home with a beautiful garden she loves to weed in.

Nutmeg arrived from a hoarding situation, filthy, underweight, matted and with severe ear infections. UAAF placed her in a loving foster home and took care of all her needs so that she was ready when her new mom found her.

12-week-old Dax was dropped on the side of a highway because he had Parvo, a completely preventable but often-fatal disease that puppies are susceptible to. UAAF fosters carefully nursed him back to health and because of their dedication, he found a wonderful home with plenty of adventures.

Patches' owner passed away and it was discovered that he was far behind on medical and dental care. UAAF took care of all his needs and found him a happy retirement home!

Rocko <3

Petey arrived at the shelter with overgrown fur and nails and simply refused to let anyone touch him. It took a week in his foster home to get close enough to remove his harness! After a lot of TLC and a trip to the groomer, he was thrilled to head to his forever home.

This is Sally, one of 140+ survivors of the Taylorsville hoarding house in 2018. A deaf senior who had been severely neglected, she urgently needed medical care. Sally's foster mom quickly became her forever home and she lives in the lap of luxury now.

Sweet Cami was abandoned at the age of 17, when every cat should be enjoying their golden years in a home. Luckily, our cat coordinator spotted her and knew she could turn this sweet senior's life around! She is now happy in her new forever home.

Missing huge patches of fur, with a heavy parasite load, and a nasty fungal infection, two-year old Fritz wasshowing no signs of his happy, loving personality when he was rescued by Animal Advocacy. After weeks of medication, special baths, good food and tender loving care, Fritz was ready to meet the public again and search for his forever home. We searched high and low and found just the perfect home for our special little guy, where he will be the special friend of a special young lady.

Milo (now Farley!) arrived on a bus from a high-kill shelter in Texas. extremely underweight, anxious, with worms and giardia. He's happy and healthy now with a new big little sister!

When Scotty's owner passed away, his extended family was unable to care for him, and Scotty was taken from the only home he had ever known. Luckily, this special guy ended up in our foster program, where one of our coordinators just knew he was the perfect guy to keep her mom company on her adventures!

Samson went viral in his new life!

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